Sunday, August 29, 2004

Yesterday I achieved a childhood ambition: I was paid to play sport. That's right: I am now (for one day only, admittedly) a professional sportsman. Which is (in theory) more than those Olympians with all their medals can say. So boo shucks to you all.

Unfortuanately I had to sell my sole to the corporate devil to do so. Pepsi Max (Remember kids: "All the taste, with none of sugar") are doing a big marketing thing linking the fun and spirit of Ultimate Frisbee with their brand. And eight of us jumped on the offer to spend the day on Bournemouth beach playing demonstration games of Ultimate and teaching the public. A tiring day but, Christ, we normally pay good money to do this, and yesterday I wasn't just paid but accommodation, transport and food were all taken care of too. Lovely, and a much more fun for us than it was for all the aspiring actresses, singers and dancers that made up the "Pepsi Max Crew" that spent the day carrying huge backpacks of Pepsi around the beach.

Photos may follow when I get links to the publicity articles.

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