Thursday, August 26, 2004

I know, I'm being rubbish. I've posted irregularly since I got back from Italy, and although there was good reason for that when I was in Ely, I do have a bit more time now. I guess my momentum was thwarted and I haven't regained it yet.

I'm doing some cover work for a school in London at the moment. I went into a class the other day, scanned the room for new students and located two. I asked their names, and was somewhat taken aback when the one wearing lipstick, eye-liner, pearl earrings and a dress replied in a man's voice. I did a double-take and it was indeed a man. Dressed as a woman.

Another student has the biggest eyes I've ever seen - they're the size of golf balls - and today a Russian, in a class discussion about the greatest human achievements of the last 150 years, said that the liberation of women wasn't that great because women's natural place is in the home, men belong in business, and that women should be banned from Government. It's a surprise to hear such attitudes, and even more so when they come from a woman. Yes, that's right: I have men posing as women and women posing as male chauvinists.

Otherwise, yes, I'm well, thank you very much, apart from a mild anxiety about where I'm going to live in Edinburgh. Anybody know a good flat?

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