Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Crikey.  I tapped my url into this machine, but typed in wrongly, getting the p and s in blogspot the wrong way round.  I was somewhat surprised to find that http://anenglishmaninverona.blogpsot.com/ is a url in use.  And it's run by Christian nutcases too...
In other developments, two Ukranians lads have bought a mini-fridge to keep their coke cans cool in their room, a Russian boy has had to be physically pushed into the shower and I spent last Friday evening happily dancing to bubble-gum pop with a bunch of mid-teens in Ely Cathedral.  It was great fun, since you ask.
They are, on the whole, lovely, and I'm learning that the conclusions I came to after my unhappy teenage years - that all the boys are bullys and all the girls hate you - aren't actually true, and that some kids are lucky enough to be having times that they really will look back on as the best of their life.  As one little part of that, I hope they remember me too. 

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