Wednesday, June 23, 2004

I am back in England and in my parents house.

Things I have noticed since I landed:

(i) It is cold, grey and windy. And it was raining when I landed.
(ii) Everybody seems to have a beer gut.
(iii) I don't like these pounds and pence. I miss my Euro and I want it back.
(iv) The English are a bunch of stupid, xenophobic bastards. The very first conversation I overheard after landing involved two English guys, presumably arriving back from their holiday, in the queue for passport control:

"I've just been to the toilet. They have proper loos 'ere: runnin' water n everythin'"

"Yeah. But if we join Europe we'll have to go down to their level. We'll 'av to use their water"


And then the guy in front of me in the queue - who doesn't appear to know the two guys behind me - turns around and says "Nah - the French'll only go and nick it", and then laughs that satisfied laugh of somebody too impressed with their own humour. Twits, all of them.

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