Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Ha! Well, I have no idea who said that imitation is the greatest form of flattery, but I hope it's true: A new blog, written by a Welshman living in Milan has popped up. You can guess what it's called.

Indeed, the site's very first entry makes it plain that the title must in some way be inspired by mine:

"Firstly, I must just say that the only reason for my publishing a weblog on here was that I was so frustrated by the weblog of "An Englishman in Verona" that I just had to try it myself."

He goes on to explain that frustration, although I don't quite understand: "..the pages decay into a textual garbage by the time I'm into reading the second paragraph... it looks as though a 12 year old hacker has just eaten his breakfast off the weblog and left all the letters lying around in a messy, jumbled heap.". If what he means is that the site isn't the prettist to look at, I'd agree; in fact, I'm planning a redesign (or maybe just a switch to one of Blogger's newer, more attractive templates, not sure yet) when I get back to the UK and have a bit of time on my hands. And if he doesn't mean that then I don't understand.

I fly home next Wednesday, and there's a lot to do before then. I'm planning at least one lengthy entry beforehand, reflecting on my time here, and hopefully several photos. And seeing as I'm going to the Jazz tonight and the Opera on Saturday, the first in the Roman Theatre and the second in the Arena, I'll have plenty of material to snap. Watch this space.

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