Saturday, May 15, 2004


What have I done?

I haven’t written here for some time about my plans for next year. This is deliberate, since I decided a few months ago to stop worrying about it too much, and instead to let ideas float around in my head. When the time to make a decision comes, I’ll see which ones haven’t sunk.

That time is coming and, since doing the Masters degree is a priority, only a couple of ideas are still treading water: get a loan and start it this autumn, or work for another year and save the money. To save the amount I need that would mean going east to Japan or Korea. As interesting an experience as that would be, it doesn’t excite me; I don’t desire to go.

The decision is still not made. And then a couple of weeks ago and in a fit of EU-expansion excitement, I sent my cv off to a few schools in the new EU countries. A day later I was wondering why I’d bothered, since it clearly couldn’t fit with my plans. However one school in particular responded very positively, took my references and then yesterday I had an interview. I decided to treat it simply as interview practice, but it went really well, and the school – I’ve done some research – sounds superb.

Where? Er, Vilnius.

That’s the capital of Lithuania, but I’m sure you knew that already. And what’s in Vilnius? Well, a few frisbee teams, for one thing, which is a few more than there are Verona. And a population of 600,000, which sounds like just the right size for me. And lots of beautiful outdoors to explore.

Am I being stupid?

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