Thursday, April 22, 2004

A few random thoughts.

After a few weeks of erratic weather, summer seems to have arrived. This times the locals, as well as myself, seem to believe it. Many more people were out on the streets as I cycled home yesterday evening; all those outdoor table and chairs that looked so sorry through the winter are now the places to be, and the air is pleasantly warm.

Teaching English damages your writing skills. Creative ways of expressing yourself are sacrificed for simple sentence structures and the commonest, simplest synomyn is normally the one chosen. Grammar errors even creep into one’s own speech, the result of spending your days conversing with people speaking bad English.

The biggest dilemma in my life is how to fund the Master’s degree I want to do. If you can spare some loose change (or a few thousand quid), then please drop me a line.

I’ve stopped missing the shared knowledge of the popular media. I don’t know nor want to know what the big yet trivial stories are back home. In many ways I live in a bubble; away from my home media and, at least previously, unable to understand the media here. But although my Italian is improving fast but I have no desire to tap into the zeitgest here. It’s good this way. The only thing I do wish for is cricket on the radio.

I’m thinking of entering this photography competition. I need to enter a set of eight pictures. I was thinking of calling my entry Reflections of Italy, and using several of my pictures that use reflections. If you have any favourites, let me know. And if you need reminding, just say so and I'll repost them up shortly.

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