Monday, March 08, 2004

“How old are you?” I asked one of my students last week.

“22. Why?”

“Do you remember the 80s?”. I’d had a shock that afternoon and needed somebody to relate to where I was coming from.

“Hmm... not really”.

The underwear and stockings company have released their Spring/Summer catelogue, and it represents final confirmation – if it were needed – that the 80s are back. Over Christmas I observed an H&M window display with turquoise, off-the-shoulder tops and pink asymetric skirts. Then a few weeks ago I found myself in the queue for the toilet in a trendy bar next to a girl wearing leggings, high heels, ankle warmers and a polka-dot dress. And now the creative brains possessed by some of my students are releasing luminous green tights onto the market, modelled alongside white stilettos and – get this – sweat bands worn half-way up the foot.

Suddenly, my efforts to match my 70s retro t-shirts and cords look with an affro – I haven’t had my hair cut since September, and there are now curls big time – look hopelessly outdated. It’s a good job I don’t take it all too seriously.

As you will have noticed, I don't typically put pictures of people up here, for obvious reasons. But I'm sure F. won't mind this one of her boots going up.

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