Wednesday, March 31, 2004


Looking at my site stats, I see that there was a big jump in visitor numbers on Monday; I will kid myself that that’s because you all remembered it was my birthday and not because there are always more visitors on a Monday than the weekend.

I don’t feel older but that’s because, like turning 27, I’d been thinking about it long before it happened. More than once at the age of 26¾ did I reply “27” when asked how old I was, and similarly I’ve thought of myself as 28 for some time. I’ve been seeing 30 on the horizon for some time now, and that has, I think, helped focus my mind on what next to do with my life, rather than suddenly hitting the milestone (or, worse, a later one, like 40) and paniking. (Or am I mistaken? Is there a shock waiting for me? If so, could anyone old enough to know tell me now, so I’m ready?)

Having had a weekend of merriment to celebrate I was quite tired on the day itself and so just went to the pub quiz where my team ended up winning the rollover jackpot; Happy Birthday to me. The tie-breaker question that won us the money? How many bones in the human body? We were closest, with 212, only six too many.

I’m having a party this weekend, although that’s already hit trouble as one of the neighbours isn’t happy about it and has said she’ll call the police if she hears any noise past midnight. Why not just knock on the door?

(Oh, and the camera is back, but no pictures quite yet. Just a few more days, I promise.)

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