Tuesday, February 24, 2004

"Thom...", my friend said to me in the pub yesterday, "..what are you doing tomorrow evening?".

"Having pancakes at S's place", I replied.

"Ah. S. doesn't seem to know anything about that."

"Oh. She must have been drunk when she offered then."

"Thing is, we - N. and I - were thinking of doing something for Pancake Day but... [information cut out for reasons of boredom].. so we can't do it at our place. So we were wondering...".

I got her drift. "Who's coming?" I asked.

"Only the girls from school: Me, N., S., L, M. and G.".

"Hmm...", I replied. "..so let me get this right: you and five other girls are inviting themselves 'round to my place to sit on my bed - there's nowhere else to sit, after all - and feed sweet sugary things to each other?".

"Er, yes. You stick with that vision Thom."

"I'll see you tomorrow then."

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