Wednesday, January 21, 2004

No day is the same in this job. (Well, ok, this Wednesday may be very similar to last Wednesday, but you know what I mean). Here, for example, is a typical Thursday:

My 10.30 private lesson isn’t happening, because this week it was moved to Tuesday. It’s for an hour, and I then have 30 minutes to get some planning or something else done before meeting my boss and colleagues at 12 to go to the underwear company. That’s right: three times a week we head out to an Italian underwear company staffed, almost exclusively, by 20-something females. Unfortuantely we don’t teach the models, although I do teach a few students that could be. The lessons are one teacher to two students.

Back at three, grab some lunch and then off to school for a one-to-one lesson – with the brightest teenager I’ve ever known, except, maybe, myself – at 3.30. I want to move this one as Thursdays are particularly busy and it would give me a proper gap in the day. I have to plan at some point, and I’d rather it wasn’t late the night before. At 5 I head out to another company. Group lessons there and back in town by 7. I have another private at 7.15 and then off to the social centre for an adult evening class from 8.30 to 10. Fortuantely Thursday is the night we regularly meet in the local osteria, so I’m able to get a bruschetta and some vino down me. Unfortuantely Friday is the one day of the week I have to get up early.

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