Tuesday, January 27, 2004

I am ill, and have spent much of the last 24 hours in bed. I am worried about the size of my glands. I do, however, feel better right now than this time yesterday.

Whilst lying in bed, unable to sleep, one’s mind wanders. So here is a collection of random things that crossed my mind during yesterday's small hours.

1. I find loopy earrings very attractive, and I cannot explain why.
2. The phrases “traffic lights” and “driving license” are almost indistinguishable from each other for a deaf listener ie someone who is lip-reading.
3. The Brothers Johnson were fantastic and Diet Coke should never have dirtied Strawberry Letter 23 by using it in their ads.
4. Will we ever make serious progress in eradicating the cancer of religion from our society? How?
5. City of God is the best new film I have ever seen, ie not retrospectively, which is, obviously, how I have seen most of the great movies.
6. The TEFL industry is plagued by immature graduates who are just looking for a way to get drunk in foreign climes and have no interest in the work.
7. Why do I know what Take That’s first number one after the departure of Robbie Williams was? *
8. Vespas are cool. We should have more of them in Britain.
9. I wonder if anything links Zinfandal, Rioja and Chianti, as they are my three favourite red wines.
10. The primary purpose of hats is to make girls even sexier.
11. Some people will never speak a foreign language well. I feel guilty taking their money (but not guilty enough).
12. Sex.
13. Smoking is a disgusting habit. And pointless.
14. Does a squid have feelings?
15. Cricket is like language and chess: if you learn the rules as a young child, it’s easy to understand; if you don’t, it’s baffling.
16. Will Chinese one day challenge English as an international language? Would Chinese lessons for my future offspring be a good investment?
17. It is a sad reflection on the British electorate that the Liberal Democrats felt that they had to sack Jenny Tonge for speaking the truth.
18. Loss of appetite is the a sure sign that one is properly ill.
19. I don’t trust the Italian postal system, which is currently in possession of my camera. When I took the package to the post office and paid to insure it, the woman wrote “Value: 450 euros” on the outside. Is it any wonder things go missing?
20. Everybody should live in a foreign country at least once.
21. God may not be omnipresent but Dido, it sometimes seems, is.

And others, which I can’t remember at the moment.

(* It’s Never Forget, if you were wondering)

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