Monday, December 01, 2003

The Christmas lights have gone up. And typically, this being Italy, they look great. It is, pretty much, the first sign on the street (as it were) that Christmas is coming; before now there was nothing except a handful of cheap presents in one aisle in the supermarket. It's certainly not like England where by now I'd be sick all those loud fools on the High Street and their Jingle Bell ringtones.

Present buying simply isn't as big a deal here. When Halloween came around the Italians complained that over the last few years some of the shops have tried to cash in on the day; I didn't notice a thing except a proliferation of pumpkin of trattoria menus. I'm not sure what they'd make of Oxford Street on the last Saturday before Christmas. Some days I don't really think life is so much different here. But other times, when I make these comparisons, it seems like another world.

I must go as the internet cafe is about to shut. Mondays are busy.

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