Saturday, November 22, 2003

It's not often I want to be in England. I miss things - in particular I miss playing Frisbee - and I miss friends and family. In short, I miss things that happen back home but not home itself: I can't think of a moment - yet - that I've wanted to be in England.

Until now. Until right now: 12.57 GMT, Saturday 22nd November. If I were in England I'd currently be drinking pints of bitter in a happy pub full of smiling faces. Instead I leave the flat of a friend of a friend who has satelite TV where we've ('we' is me and one friend) watched the Rubgy World Cup Final (Sport, eh? How does it do it?) and found myself on the empty streets of an Italian Saturday: everywhere has shut for lunch and when it should be screaming for joy the place is placid and quiet. After the wide-eyed climax I'm rather suddenly bought back to dull reality and a certain emptyness; and here you can insert your own joke about one-night stands. Most Italians know nothing about rubgy. However next week a few of them will know a little more once I've used the commentary on the video - "That is the definition of euphoria" - to teach them some new vocabulary.

We'll still celebrate this evening. But my: How many times in my life will the nation sit in the pub all day? As my friend said: "There must be a cheap flight home we can get just for the day".

(edit, 25/11 - The picture above is now an edited version as a result of a kind response to the request below. I think it's better now.)

(Um: are there any Photoshop gurus who can help me with the picture above? I set the camera so that the light from the room would be bright relative to the rest of the picture but the building is maybe a little too dark. How can I fix that?)

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