Thursday, November 06, 2003

51! 51 vistors in the less than two days since I started getting statistics. Not bad, even if, strictly speaking, it's not 51 visitors but 51 visits; only 13 actual visitors. Clearly I have a small but loyal following. A bit like Robin Hood then. Or the Tory party, even, although I prefer the Robin Hood analogy.

Unfortuanately this page isn't the top listing on Google for "An Englishman in Verona". In fact, it's not there at all. Now we all know about Googlebombs, don't we? Well, friends, we need to create one for this site. 13 may not be many, but it's a start. What I'm saying, in roundabout long-winded Hugh Grant sytlee, is: could you put a link to this page on your website, please, under the name "An Englishman in Verona"? Thank you.

I am, however, up against some stiff competition. Before I named the site I didn't know that Tim Parks has actually written a book called An Englishman in Verona. Hmmm. And he's notably more famous than I am. Still, one has to start somewhere.

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